Our Background

One Source Integration strives daily for the highest safety standards that can be achieved.  

We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthful environment for our employees as well as our customers, with an emphasis on protecting the public in addition to preserving property and assets.

Injuries CAN be prevented. OSI believes that it takes a team effort and an effective safety and compliance program to achieve an incident free workplace. All practical steps are continuously taken to maintain safe workplaces for our employees.

OSI has a comprehensive Safety and Hazardous Communication Program that emphasizes safety training and education. Safety education for all of our workers is conducted throughout all phases of a project. Our Project Superintendents receive 10-Hour OSHA certification training and First Aid/CPR certification training.

Specialized safety training is performed on a perpetual basis as part of our prevention program and our Employee Safety Handbook training is a company required program that is conducted annually with each and every employee.

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