Our Background

From a customer’s perspective, return on investment, is always a priority when making a commitment to any project endeavor. Integration is the key to what makes our systems and services the lynchpin to helping your projects become a success. Leading edge technology is not the only ingredient necessary to make your special systems operate in the manner which you expect. At OSI we are able to provide the consultative services, the industry experience and the individual interest, along with the ability to listen to and understand your needs and expectations, all of which is required to make a professional impact on your prospective project.

At OSI we have the industry partnerships needed to assist our clients with designing and creating the quality systems that are expected to meet various individual applications. This includes providing the best industry standards equipment and installation practices. Each of which will consist of tuning, testing and commissioning services along with detailed in depth customer training to assure that each customer will be able to gain full advantage of the systems being implemented.

Our areas of expertise include: